Over 12,000 Licenses Sold In 88 Countries

Ben Forta

"Adobe recommends professional 3rd party CF add-ons such as FusionReactor and FusionDebug, which enhance and extend the ColdFusion platform"
Ben Forta, Director of Developer Relations
                              Adobe Systems, Inc.

US Postage StampFusionReactor - Driving Our Continuous Server Monitoring Strategy

One of the world’s largest package delivery companies has selected FusionReactor Professional Server Monitor to help track and tune 150 internal web applications used by over 42,000 people. The company’s websites manage between 3.2 million hits to 5.5 million hits a day.
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dealerskinsDealerskins Relies on FusionReactor

A few years ago, Dealerskins faced a serious server issue and turned to FusionReactor to help identify it.  Five minutes after installing FusionReactor, they were able to find and fix the problem.  Since that time, FusionReactor has become a critical part in Dealerskins’ enterprise hosting business strategy.
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dealerskinsFusionReactor Year-Long Zero Downtime Challenge - Success!

In 2008, we set off on an ambitious challenge, keep the FusionReactor server monitor demo server alive for entire year, absolutely zero downtime, while under a constant load.
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Some of the companies using Fusion Products are: