FusionAnalytics has now been replaced with FusionReactor Cloud

FusionAnalytics is built using various Adobe technologies – the main one is Adobe Flash. Adobe stopped supporting flash at the end of 2020 and recommend that users uninstall it. We have decided to halt further development of FusionAnalytics and have replaced it with FusionReactor Cloud (available since 2017) is our official replacement for FusionAnalytics.
For more information, please read the blog post or click here to take the FREE FusionReactor Cloud trial.

FusionReactor APM

A complete, detailed view of your applications and operating environment, showing key metrics from transactions, system resources, and applications

Database Monitoring

See individual SQL statements, # rows returned, DB time used to quickly identify performance issues related to queries

Performance Profiling


Get unparalleled observability into production run-time with tracepoints and breakpoints – Automated root cause analysis provides stack and variable scope info when errors occur

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FusionReactor Cloud – Unlock the Power of Big Data Performance Metrics

Create actionable intelligence by mining, reconciling, and interpreting current & historical metric data captured from your Java Apps by FusionReactor Application Performance Monitor

FusionReactor Cloud EMPOWERS YOU to

  • Deliver & improve on your SLAs
  • Identify and improve application performance
  • Reduce application downtime
  • Identify usage trends
  • Improve customer experience
  • Minimize risk
  • Maximize your business opportunities