• What shape are my applications and servers in right now?
  • Is the performance, usage, quality of my applications getting better or worse?
  • How can we improve & measure application performance and quality?
  • Which database queries returned the most rows?
  • Is my hoster delivering on the Service Level Agreement?
  • How often does my server restart & what was my actual uptime?
  • I want to diagnose the server crash from 3:15 am this morning.
  • How can I maximize the ROI on my limited software maintenance budget?
  • Which requests have been taking the longest on average?
  • Which requests had the longest execution time?
  • Which database queries returned the most data?
  • Is there a pattern causing server instability?
  • What was our CPU utilization over the last 6 months?

FusionAnalytics has the answers…..

TAP Report

TAP provides a daily application score, rank and trend analysis, based on your systems’ Traffic, Availability and Performance (TAP).

SLA Report

The SLA Report provides business-level information on your server’s performance. Choose to receive daily, weekly and monthly reports, compare to previous reports and even change the way the reports are displayed based on whether your server met your targets.

Daily Status Report

The Daily Status Report provides you vital statistics about the requests that have run in the last 24 hours.

DB Breakdown

From within a request you can select the DB Breakdown tab, which shows us where the DB time is being spent on a query by query basis. Hovering over a segment of the pie chart will reveal the actual SQL statement being called.



Quickly find out what exactly was happening when the server crashed at 3am this morning.


DB Request Grid

This perspective shows a breakdown of all the requests which have taken place over the selected time period. Details include time when the query ran, SQL query string, rows returned, DB Execution time etc.