[FNS-11] FusionAnalytics DataServices: Application Refresh


To aid development of DataServices applications (DSAPPs), the FusionAnalytics DataServices server (FADS) File Watcher watches specific files and folders, and restarts the associated DSAPP when it detects changes.

The File Watcher watches the APML folder (named by the APML configuration element), and all subfolders of that folder. This ticket details the conditions under which FADS will restart a DSAPP.

The following are the conditions which, when met, will cause FADS to stop and restart a DSAPP.

  1. Any change to APML (Application Provider Markup Language) grammar files
    • These are the XML description of a DSAPP, usually with the extension .apml, .dp, and containing Module XML root element.
  2. Any change to the number of files (not just APML) in the watched folder.

Changes to Data Provider programs (usually written in Groovy) will not explicitly cause a restart, although the addition or removal of a DP program file will (due to rule 2 above).

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FNS-11
Components: Data Services
Resolution: Fixed
Added: 08/09/2011 11:54:47
Affects Version:
Fixed Version: 1.0.0
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