Who should be using FusionAnalytics?

Individual Java applications and the business solutions they are components of can be extremely complex. Fixing performance issues and improving quality of service by identifying and isolating underlying problems in such complex environments consumes an ever increasing amount of expensive IT staff time.

FusionAnalytics is all about the retention of big historical performance data and getting actionable intelligence out of it. FusionAnalytics’ intelligence provides benefits across the entire organization:

Benefits for Management & Business

    Management-readable reporting allows:

  • Easily view numerical and graded measures of application
    • Performance,
    • Availability,
    • Utilization,
  • Understand where engineering efforts need to be focused.
  • Measure, verify and improve service levels.
  • Improve accountability and auditing processes.
  • Tighten financial controlling.
  • Justify hardware upgrades and application re-factoring efforts.
  • FusionAnalytics TAP Report

  • Benefits for Development Leads and IT Application Owners

    • Identify problem ‘hot-spots’ and refactor tasks.
    • Measure and track overall application performance using the Traffic, Availability and Performance (TAP) Report.
    • Determine the root cause of system failure and prevent it from recurring.
    • Maximize effectivity by creating your Unique Perspective of the data.
    • Diagnose recurring issues by diving deep into historical data.
    • Drill down through years, months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds and to the exact millisecond using one intuitive timeline control.
  • FusionAnalytics Bell-Curve of Request Performance

  • Benefits for DevOps

    • Identify ‘resource trends’ and perform capacity planning.
    • Take complete control of operations with a comprehensive picture of real time and consolidated events taking place across time, servers and applications.
  • FusionAnalytics Overview