FusionAnalytics FastTrack Training

Title: FusionAnalytics FastTrack 1-on-1 Remote Training/Setup
Description: One of our highly qualified engineers will configure FusionAnalytics and train you on the basics. This is the fastest, hassle-free way to get your performance data analyzed.
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Availability: Trainings are held on demand
Cost: USD$ 800 – Buy Now buy


FastTrack Covers:

  • Architecture review
    Advising on the best analysis architecture
  • Securing access
    Configuring secure access to FusionAnalytics
  • Base installation
    Get FusionAnalytics ready to receive data at optimal performance — MAX 10 DATACOLLECTORS
  • Data push
    Setting FusionReactor to push data to FusionAnalytics
  • Data volume management
    Estimated data volume management and archiving configuration
  • Report generation and emailing
    Configure and enable reports
  • Quick-start instruction including platform review
    Basic instruction on the most common options and reviewing your resource usage

Basic FusionAnalytics Training

An introduction to FusionAnalytics and demonstration of its use as well as the problems it solves. Even non-technical users will gain value by learning about the tool’s pro-active reporting and server analysis strategies.

Ask any questions you have about your FusionAnalytics installation and how it can be setup to address specific stability/performance issues you are experiencing.

Dates and times for this training will be coordinated directly with our sales team.


  • Remote access to the server where the installation is to be performed. This information must to be passed to the trainer 24 hours before the scheduled training.
  • Note: FusionAnalytics should be installed on a separate machine to your production instances.
  • Credentials to an MS SQL 2005 (or later) DB created for sole use by the FusionAnalytics application.
  • Appropriately configured firewall
    • FusionAnalytics application will need to communicate (default port TCP 8400) from each FusionReactor instance being analysed.
    • FusionAnalytics application will need to communicate with DB server (MS SQL default port TCP 1433).
  • FusionReactor v5+ installed, licensed and pre-configured for customer requirements
    • Additional FusionAnalytics-specific configuration will be performed during the session.
  • FusionAnalytics license covering your needs

Important Information

  • The FastTrack training can only be provided to customers meeting the pre-requisites. If you need assistance in meeting those, please contact us.
  • Intergral reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule a training up to 24 hours prior to the planned date.
  • FusionAnalytics’ licenses can be purchased online from the FusionAnalytics Pricing Page

Additional Services

We can provide a variety of customized consulting to meet your needs — please contact us for more details.