[FNS-24] FusionAnalytics (FADS & FADC) does not appear to open in Internet Explorer 64bit


The root (index) page of the FusionAnalytics Server does not show in Internet Explorer 64bit. Only a blank / white (empty) page is shown.

To fix this issue, the security setting in Internet Explorer (64bit) that prevents Meta Tag Refresh called “Meta Tag Refresh” should be enabled. If this setting is disabled then the refresh from the FusionAnalytics root page will be prevented!

The setting can be found under the …

  • Security tab > Custom Level > Miscellaneous
    … and the Meta Tag Refresh should be listed. If this is disabled, please enable it as it will stop the meta refresh from working.

Note: Aside from being able to disable it selectively, it is automatically disabled if you set IE’s security level to ‘High’ [observed in IE9].

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FNS-24
Components: Data Services
Environment: Windows, Internet Explorer 64bit
Resolution: Fixed
Added: 14/03/2012 13:59:22
Affects Version: 1.0.1
Fixed Version: 1.0.2
Related Issues: None

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